There's Something About Romcoms starts Channel 4, 9pm, Saturday 20th August.


Meg Ryan, Hugh Grant, Richard Curtis, Rupert Everett and Stephen Merchant reveal the untold stories behind the greatest romantic comedy films of the past three decades in this feature-length documentary narrated by Julie Walters.

From Pretty Woman to Bridget Jones, sometimes there’s nothing better than a good romcom. This fun show shares behind-the-scenes gossip from the best chick flicks in history, and includes the likes of Hugh Grant and Meg Ryan revealing industry secrets.

Did you know that My Best Friend’s Wedding was supposed to end completely differently, or that Richard Curtis tried to avoid casting Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and Notting Hill? Our favourite story is the one about Hugh taking on a bear in Did You Hear About the Morgans?

First published in What's On Tv

Katie Brewer