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People's History Of Pop

1997-2010, Closer Than Close

First published in The Radio Times.  Written by Mark Braxton. 

People's History of Pop - 1997-2010, Closer Than Close - Friday 10th March, 9pm, BBC Four

A pop-quiz question for you. Of which album did a 1997 newspaper review say, “In 2017 your grandchildren will still be analysing this”? Said record kicks off the last chapter of this occasional, immersive series of the public’s musical memories, bringing us more or less up to date. 

Sara Cox is our host for the era of interactivity, which is full of warm stories of mutual appreciation. What fans can do for a band is self-evident but it’s nice to see the flipside of that relationship. Moray Swan tells us of the time he wrote to Melody Maker in defence of Glaswegian rockers Travis after their second album was panned. It led to a friendship that culminated in frontman Fran Healy playing at Moray’s wedding, and there’s very sweet footage of that.

The programme is full of “that can’t have happened but it did” moments for devotees of Radiohead, Eternal, Will Young, Adele and, poignantly, Amy Winehouse (“It still feels really unfair that she’s not here,” says student Sarah). And it will chime with anyone who’s bopped around their bedroom, queued for an autograph or even clicked on a music video. PS the album was OK Computer.

First published in The Radio Times.  Written by Mark Braxton. 

Katie Brewer