Diversity drives BAME viewing


Revealed: How casting non-white talent helps shows attract broader audiences

First published in Broadcast on 12th September 2018

The injection of BAME talent into mainstream programming can significantly drive diverse viewing, according to research conducted by Broadcast.

Analysis of 2018 primetime shows from the PSBs has revealed that BAME viewers can make up a significant proportion of the audience when the talent, contributors or subject matter are attuned to diverse individuals.

Broadcasters have found success by imbuing established formats with a BAME sensibility as well as ordering shows with ethnicity at their heart.

Its high BAME profile was comparable to an episode of 7Wonder’s C4 wedding format Bride And Prejudice in June. That episode, which pulled in more than 200,000 non-white viewers (23%), focused on the decision of a black devout Christian to convert to Islam so he could marry his long-term girlfriend.

Katie Brewer