Billy Connolly takes 2.6m on his U.S. Trail


Billy Connolly’s Great American Trail

First published in Broadcast on 6th September 2019

Wonder’s three-part exploration across the pond kicked off only just shy of the 2.8m (15.6%) slot average but comfortably ahead of Connolly’s previous offering.

Over-65s followed Connolly as he headed to New York, Plymouth Massachusetts and Boston, increasing ITV’s share of the demographic from 14.1% benchmark to 20.1% (1.2m). These older viewers gave the show a 46.2% audience profile against the average one-third (32.5%).

That two-part show - Made in Scotland - entertained 2.2m (11.8%) when it aired at the back-end of last year in a Friday 9pm slot.

Katie Brewer